TacFit Deployable gyms designed and built to be employed defence wide.

Are you looking for a fully deployable gym? TFS Units can caters for any size unit.  Starting with our 40ft Compound unit. The Compound capabile of training up to 120+ defence personnel.

Ship it anywhere

TFS 20ft Alpha Compound. 20ft Conex fits on all military container transport.

TFS Dual 20ft Alpha Compound unit.

Capable of training up to 90 personnel. Easily transported by any military vehicle.

TFS 20ft Alpha unit trains 60 personnel.

All TFS units have full deployable capability with the full rig and equipment lock in and secured in your unit.

TFS 10Ft Bravo unit.

Perfect for smaller units. The Bravo unit trains up to 30 personnel.  Providing a strength and conditioning and rehab facility for your unit while in field or deployed. Have it set up in no time.

TFS DELTA 2.0 this little baby goes anywhere perfect for training 1-5.

So which unit will you choose? TFS Units locked and load ready for deployment, TFS goes where you go.

Choose Your Unit