PT Bootcamp


TacFit Solutions giving your business the advantage.  We provide the capability of adding 1 on 1, group Personal training, bootcamp, calisthenics or circuit style classes, to your Personal Training Business.

The options are endless.

Increase your member base and build you TFS fitness Community with one of our state of the art Training Facilities.

When you own a TacFit unit, you know you own your business, and you will never be at the mercy of big gyms.

Choose a TFS Unit that fits you.  ALPHA, BRAVO, easily relocated by truck to any destination of your choice, you move… and your business moves with you.

DELTA 2.0, our smallest unit, gives you the option to train in a different scene every day, with no tools needed have it set up in 10mins.

What ever the size of your PT business, TFS has a Solution for you.

Contact our friendly experienced staff to find out how you can start your TFS facility today.

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