What Is the TFS Communities and Schools Grant?

At TacFit Solutions Australia we are passionate about the health wellbeing and fitness of our people, country and the communities in it. We understand that for some, having access to a fitness facility is either not possible or at a sub standard level.

We believe that with our TFS Units we are able to deliver a highly mobile and adaptive fitness unit anywhere in the country closing the gap and bringing greater access and opportunity to develop growing athletes and bring communities together to provide a fit, healthy life for Australian people with our TFS strength and conditioning units.

Apply for our TFS $5000 communities and school grant working to build stronger communities and athletes.


How to Apply?

If you are part of a community or schools group and would like to check your eligible and find out more, please complete the expressions of interest form and we will be in touch with you.

TFS Grant

  • Please let us know who you are enquiring on behalf of?