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TFS Torsinator
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TFS Torsinator

AUD $289.50

Torsinator Core Trainer Rig Attached – Black

  • Rig Attached
  • Develop core strength and power
  • HDPE lined
  • Simple and portable
  • Easily attach to any TacFit rig or cell
  • Powder coat finish
  • Australian made
  • Custom manufactured to order
  • Usually dispatches in 5-21 business days*



Product Information


Manufacter AlphaFit
Aus. Made Yes
Length 543mm
Width 118mm
Height 118mm
Colour Choose from 13 colours
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Material Steel
SKU 233

AlphaFit Australian Made and Owned logo

Core Functionality

The Torsinator engages the full range of core muscles, many of which are missed in isolated crunch movements. Our Rig Attached Core Trainer is simple and portable. The sleeve fits most Olympic barbells and is device is attached to your existing rig uprights and held in place with a simple but secure locking pin. It is compact and easy to store when not in use. The Core Trainer is plastic lined to prevent scratches and increase the longevity of your rig.

The full range of motion twisting exercises that you can perform with the Core Trainer work the entire chain of muscles through your mid-section and back. This dynamic movement also engages the arms and legs and is a quintessential example of functional fitness and performance. It is worth investing time in your core. A strong core is commonly associated with improved posture, injury prevention and reduction in back pain.