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TFS Vest Plates RED 4 kg

AUD $120.00

TacFit Vest Plate Australian Made, Designed By TacFit owner and Australian Defence Force Veteran Leon Mcleod, this tool will test you.

Weighted Vest Training is now becoming increasingly popular in the fitness industry and utilised by power athletes, sprinters and footballers to increase cardio fitness, strength and help burn calories.

  • TacFit Vest Plates are moulded steel to fit the contour of you body and come in varying weights and Colours the most popular being
  • 4kg Plate set – ORANGE
  • 8kg plate set – RED
  • Plates and Vests Sold Separately

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Product Information

Plate Weight
  • 4kg Plate set – ORANGE
  • 8kg plate set – RED

Sold Individually.

Stack it!

Stack it with our Australian Made TacFit Vest Designed to carry up to 20kg between the front and back.

Body Weight WOD Tool

Smash out your bodyweight TacFIt WOD with Pushups, Lunges Pull ups and squats, through in some core training and Plyometrics and you have your self one hell of a TACFIT Weighted Vest Workout.