TFS Units Adaptable and Built for Purpose

Are you a Gym, Health Club, Sporting Club looking to expand your business and increase profit? or Corporate Business looking to increase staff productivity by providing a Health and fitness solution?

TFS encourage you to Think outside the box.

Have your New TFS gym delivered and set up on day one.

Grow your business with the TFS Alpha Unit.

TFS Units give your business the capability of adding 1 on 1, Group Personal training, bootcamp, calisthenics or circuit style classes.

Increase your memberships and productivity, build moral and develop your TFS fitness Community with one of our state of the art TFS Training Facilities.

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TACFIT Solutions the options are endless.

The TFS Unit gives you the ability to train in an outside gym environment.  Outdoor is highly sought after.

You clients and staff will benefit from Tacfits’ endless rig options.  Your TFS unit will provide you with a variety of lifting bays and custom pull up systems.  The TFS rope tower giving you the added options for rope climbs, rings and calisthenics training, keeping you upto date with the current fitness treands.

When not in use, all attachments and training equipment is packed away, stored and locked safely inside your unit.


“Clients that use the outdoor facility love the functional training and being able to be outdoors they just don’t want the usual isolated pin machine type workout”.

Steve Winchester

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